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More and more foreign nationals are looking to Canada as a viable immigration destination. The main attractions are a more stable economy than the U.S., available jobs, affordable housing, healthcare coverage, excellent schools, and cultural diversity.

“There are really no trade-offs, you get many benefits from living in Canada without having to compromise anything but the climate in some regions. But the good news is that you can afford to buy a nice down coat to keep you warm, and still live very nicely,” says Canadian immigration attorney Véronique Malka, who specializes in outbound immigration to Canada from the United States.

Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) has, over recent years, created numerous immigration programs to attract a qualified and diverse labour force from abroad. For example, the Canadian Experience Class program is geared to helping foreigners with Canadian work experience become permanent residents of Canada. The Provincial Nominee programs across the nation, governed by each province separately, have also successfully attracted a number of excellent candidates to live and work in Canada.

CLG lawyers can help you find the program that is right for you.

profile-pic Véronique Malka brought the practice of Canadian Immigration out of Canada and into the U.S.A. in 2005. She is a licenced Barrister & Solicitor in Ontario since 1995 and a Foreign Legal Consultant in New Jersey since 2006. She has been doing Canadian immigration for over 17 years.

CLG is a unique immigration law firm. As a division of NPZ Law Group, P.C., our lawyers can offer both U.S. and Canadian immigration advice. They are physically available to meet clients on both sides of the border. This is particularly useful to corporate clients who send employees back and forth of the border regularly. Those clients benefit from a one-stop shop law firm, which saves them legal fees and streamlines the advisory process.

CLG lawyers are all licenced members of at least one Canadian provincial bar. Many of them are also admitted as lawyers, or as foreign legal consultants, in the U.S.A. They can provide unique cross-border advice in difficult legal areas such as criminality in the USA, as it impacts a person's right to enter Canada (inadmissibility to Canada).

Equipped with the most up to date technology, CLG lawyers and staff see no boundaries to serving clients internationally. Consultations are offered by phone, SKYPE and e-mail. Lawyers can be reached on their cell phones. We take pride in providing a rapid response to all our callers. We work hard to enlist your trust, and to develop a long term relationship with you as our client.

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