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April Newsflash

Wanted: U.S. Tech Workers in Canada Canadian tech companies are thriving in 2018, standing at the frontline of global innovation. They may be headed towards replacing the United States as the #1 country in technological and scientific advancements. We are … Continue reading

March Newsflash

Upcoming trip or layover in Canada? A DUI may make you inadmissible. With spring and summer approaching, this means busy tourist season for Canada, especially with the snow now all gone.  Approximately 18 million tourists are expected to be welcomed … Continue reading

Spousal Sponsorship News on Valentine’s Day

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released a statement on Valentine’s Day, announcing that 80% of the spousal sponsorship backlog had been completed. This is great news for couples that have been waiting patiently for their sponsorship decision. This announcement … Continue reading

Canada’s Merit-Based Immigration System: The Envy of the United States

As the Canadian immigration system is rapidly modifying its core structures to better fit the immigration needs of today, its merit-based setup seems to find many admirers around the world. On February 6, President Donald Trump complimented it via a … Continue reading

Start-Up Visas Active in 2018

Canadian investors have thrived in 2017, celebrating the end of the year with a growing economy and a direct return on their investments. The new Start-Up visa is the only national investors program in Canada, established in 2014 as a … Continue reading

Renewed Hope for Out of Status Applicants in the USA: Express Entry Lowers Score.

On February 7, IRCC released the new Express Entry cut-off score, dropping to 442, compared to 444 in the previous draw. The score is based on the applicant’s skills, ties to Canada, marital and family status, and more. This drop … Continue reading

Making Canada Bilingual Again? The Mobilité Francophone Program

Few people realize that there is French outside of the Province of Québec. In fact, there are more French speakers in the Province of Ontario than there are English Speakers in the Province of Québec! Yet, Canada has historically struggled … Continue reading

The End of the Live-In Caregiver Program

On December 3rd, 2017, the Canadian government officially put an end to the live-in caregiver program, an immigration stream under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, allowing for Canadians to recruit foreign nationals to provide caregiving to seniors, people with disabilities, … Continue reading

NAFTA at the End of 2017: What will be?

In 2017, one of the hot topics has been the future of NAFTA under the Trump Administration. Our Chair of the Canadian Law Group participated on several panel discussions on this topic, including the well-attended “Trump –Trudeau” discussion of the … Continue reading

Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement

The Canadian and Ontario government have signed a comprehensive agreement creating a new framework to strengthen the cooperation between the national and provincial government to welcome and help situate immigrants, increase economic growth, and address human rights responsibilities directly linked … Continue reading