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Canadian investors have thrived in 2017, celebrating the end of the year with a growing economy and a direct return on their investments. The new Start-Up visa is the only national investors program in Canada, established in 2014 as a pilot program. It seeks to encourage innovative foreign nationals to invest in the Canadian economy, while promising them permanent residence status.
In order to participate in the Start-Up visa program, applicants must pledge to invest from $75,000 to $200,000 CAD (depending on the institution which will hold their investment). The program inspired 68 new companies to be launched, and a total investment of $3.7 million in the past three years in Canada. This success led to the Canadian government deciding to officially make the investor program permanent in 2018.

Although this program is in place and thriving, since 2014, the Canadian government chose to mostly focus on making investor programs through provincial nominee programs. This province-based method has been incredibly successful in different provinces; however, the one province whose investor program seems to be flourishing the most is Quebec.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa reopened in June 2017, intaking Immigrant Investor applications with a minimum net worth of $1,600 000 CAD, to invest $800,000. The applicants also have certain professional requirements: In order to apply, one must be a shareholder of a private company for at least 2 years of the past 5 years. This program accepts around 1,900 immigrant investors yearly, generating around $275 Million CAD on average.

Comparing the Quebec investor program to the national Start-Up visa can lead to believe that the Canadian government will hopefully follow the ambitious entrepreneurial initiatives taken by the Quebec government, and make 2018 a flourishing year for Canada.

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