ArticlesCanada In Corona: Its Impact On Immigration

In March 2020, Canadian Immigration officials reported a steep decline in the number of permanent residency permits issued. Considering that Covid-19 only affected the latter half of the month, could these new lower numbers, which fell by 26% compared with February 2020, be a sign of a more restrictive immigration in Canada?

Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino has told a delegation from the Canadian Bar Association that the government’s positive view on immigration has not changed despite the pandemic. Rather, Mr. Mendicino acknowledged that there have been challenges as the Ministry has to transition staff to working from home as Canada continues to slow the spread of the contagion. In response to these challenges, the Ministry has recently introduced a number of major changes including fast-tracking temporary foreign workers and new rules for students interested in the post-graduate work permit program. Regardless of the harsh economic impact of the global pandemic, Canadian demographics have not been altered. There is a very large segment of the Canadian workforce that is approaching retirement age within the next several years. For example, the Insurance Institute of Canada posted numbers last week that showed as many as 35% of Canada’s $60 billion property and casualty insurance industry workforce is planning to retire by 2027. This number includes 27% of the industry’s executive level leadership. This is just one example of many Canadian industries that needs qualified immigrant labour to fill imminent employment needs.

Unlike the U.S. and the U.K., where some prominent politicians are campaigning to curb immigration to their countries, there is no such opinion being voiced in Canada. There is a general consensus that immigration is essential for Canada’s economy as the Canadian government continues to search for ways to increase the number of qualified applicants seeking to relocate.

Even though the permanent resident visas fell in March, this is not a sign that anything has changed negatively in Canada. In fact, the time to apply may never be better than now. Whether you are interested in applying through the Express Entry program, through a Provincial Nominee Program, as part of family reunification or any of the other channels of immigration being offered by Canada, consult with Canadian Law Group to help make your Canadian future a reality.