Foreign Skilled Workers

If you are a foreign professional with more than one year of work experience and a good grasp of English or French, you may be a candidate for permanent residence in Canada under the Express Entry FSW program.  You must fall in a Level O, A or B in the National Occupational Classification Table to qualify, for example a Management Consultant or Business Analyst.

Skilled workers are those with NOCs in levels C or D.  For example, Cooks and Bakers. There is also a program available for permanent residence applications for Skilled Workers.

All FSW applicants must have their English or French tested by a IRCC approved language testing agency.  Even if you are from an English speaking country.

The applicants are awarded points based on the number of years of work experience, age, language ability, adaptability and other factors.  The highest ranking candidates are selected by the Canadian government from a Pool of applicants and receive an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence (“ITA”).  The draws from the pool occur every two weeks approximately.  Sometimes, candidates with lower scores can be selected if there is a “targeted draw” because the country needs certain types of skills.

Some provinces in Canada also have their own separate permanent residence application system, called a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).  A job offer is usually required in order to use a PNP program.  Having a PNP nomination from a Province will give you more points and a greater chance of receiving an ITA.