From a competitor Canadian attorney, 2012

Véronique is very committed to each of her files and has the remarkable ability to focus on very minute detail while never losing track of the big picture.

From VP of HR for a Canadian company, 2011

Véronique is someone who takes tremendous pride in her work and will spend the additional time it takes to complete a project thoroughly and accurately. She is truly a quality-focused individual.

From a colleague NJ family attorney, 2010

I have worked with Véronique in a personal capacity and I know that professionally she has a very good command of her area of legal expertise. She also has a very even disposition and reacts well in a crisis.

From a Cross-Border applicant needing U.S. help for Canadian relatives, 2009

I hired Véronique Malka to handle green card applications for two of my relatives who are Canadian citizens. I was very impressed by her and the team. Véronique is extremely knowledgeable in immigration law and very ethical. She processed the paperwork with accuracy and efficiency. Her fees were very reasonable as well. Overall, the service she provided was outstanding and I recommend anyone who requires immigration legal services to use Véronique.

A satisfied client, 2012

I am deeply grateful to Véronique for her expert guidance through the immigration process. She is completely reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!

By a client finally reunited with his Canadian spouse, July 2013

I had been trying to get to my long time common law wife for a couple of years. We were together for over thirteen years when she moved from Florida to Canada to be closer to her natural family. Due to some minor complications in my past I was denied entry into Canada. So, I researched what I had to do and got all the paperwork together. I like to be thorough in whatever I do, but was overwhelmed with what immigration required. I needed professional help. Then I searched for an immigration lawyer. I discovered Véronique Malka of the CLG Law Group. She has helped me immensely in preparing and sending the three different cases, due to my situation, to the proper authorities in Canada. Since I have little understanding of all the legalities involved, Véronique Malka has guided me through each step in the process with care, understanding and patience. I have known Véronique for over a year and a half now and she is still helping me. Presently I am in Canada on a temporary visa status awaiting my permanent visa. I can’t say enough on how Véronique has helped me. When I was worried or frustrated about something to do with a particular form Véronique would reassure me and guide me through. I have to say besides her professionalism, Véronique has put love into my cases. I know for fact she has worked late many times and would call me with whatever changes or corrections were needed for certain forms before verifying and mailing.

I believe Véronique has gone “Above and Beyond” in her duties and responsibilities as an immigration lawyer. I highly recommend Véronique Malka for anyone who needs help with an immigration problem.

A new Permanent Resident in Canada, 2013

After a couple of years, I have received Canadian permanent residency through the family class. I initially began working with Veronique when I was in the U.S. trying to obtain a temporary work permit for entry into Canada. We were able to continue our lawyer-client relationship from Canada when I moved to join my husband. Veronique and the staff at CLG have been easy to reach via email and telephone and a true pleasure to work with. Despite some minor complications (through no fault of theirs), Veronique handled my case with patience, care, and professionalism. She presented realistic scenarios and timelines, and she reassured me along the way. There were times that I knew she went out of her way to help me complete my file and meet deadlines, and I wholeheartedly appreciate her thoughtfulness and diligence. My husband and I know we made a sound decision retaining Veronique and CLG to guide us through the entire immigration process.

You are the best!!

First of all, I just want to say thank you from bottom of my heart for all the hard and tireless work you have done for me.

I just shared this great news with everyone in my company. I think I will have a party after this.

Once again, thank you so very much to you and everyone at your firm.

Hope you are doing? Firstly a very Happy New Year.

Secondly my visitor visa for canada got approved up to 2018. I have received all of documents along with passport today. It look exactly two weeks as I have applied on 24 December.

I’m truly thankful to you for supporting me and giving me guidance on all these. Thanking you from bottom of my heart and truly appreciate your help. Have a great day. Thank you.

June 2014 – from a CLG client

As you already know, my daughter got her permit at the border without much questioning, likely helped by the excellent preparation and paperwork you helped us with, Thanks!