Cross-Border and U.S. Immigration

CLG lawyers work closely with a team of U.S. immigration lawyers on cross-border issues that affect their mutual clients. Being located in the USA has allowed our lawyers to network and align ourselves with the American lawyers of the highest caliber. Does your Canadian Business want to build out a U.S. presence?  Or the reverse: Do you now want to set up your U.S. operations in Canada and don’t know where to start? Our business clients receive cross-border advice and customized solutions for their Canada-U.S. needs.  We offer “soup to nuts” mobility plans for your company that include provincial and federal incorporation, tax advice, and all the visas you need.

Cross-border solutions are not limited to corporate clients.  Do you have an H1B that is expiring? Have you been waiting for your priority date to come up in the U.S. for a green card for years with no end in site? Are you tired of the political climate in the USA? Are you a DACA status holder with few options for you and your family? Has a relative or spouse been deported from the USA and you are now looking at Canada to possibly reunite your family?  These are just some of the many, many scenarios that CLG lawyers encounter.  We are here to help you and committed to finding a creative Canada solution for you.

Please contact us today if you have a U.S. immigration or cross-border question.