Problems Entering Canada

Have you been denied entry to Canada by an officer at the border because of prior conviction in a foreign country? Not eligible for Rehab yet? You may still be able to apply for temporary entry with a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) if you have the right reasons.

A person can be unable to come to Canada, or “inadmissible,” for a number of reasons. These reasons include security, criminal, financial or health reasons. People today are being turned away more and more for reasons of inadmissibility. Most times, they are often told to file for Rehabilitation or a Temporary Resident Permit. Other times, they are ordered “removed” or “excluded” from Canada.

When a person has committed a crime in a foreign country, an immigration lawyer can help them determine whether this crime fits into the categories of offences that can make people inadmissible to Canada. This process is difficult and involves a complex legal analysis – comparing the elements of the foreign offence to their equivalent elements in the equivalent offence in Canada. CLG has a department devoted to dealing with issues of inadmissibility.

Our TOP 5  “less known facts” about Criminal Inadmissibility to Canada:

  1. The best way for a U.S. citizen to overcome inadmissibility is to get their conviction “expunged” in the USA.
  2. U.S. citizens with a DUI may be able to enter Canada with a one-time TRP, at no cost if certain conditions are met.
  3. Not all prior convictions make a person inadmissible. Certain minor offenses may be OK for Canada. For example, a single conviction of disorderly conduct.
  4. Even if your conviction doesn’t appear on your FBI report or your work background check, it may still appear at the border when your passport is swiped.  So NEVER EVER hide your offense to an officer when entering Canada!
  5. If you have been arrested but not yet convicted, you may still be inadmissible to Canada because you committed an “act” outside the country.
CLG lawyers believe that it is better to come to the Canadian border prepared with the right application.  Our TOP 5 tips do not replace proper legal advice.  Every situation is different.  If you have been denied entry to Canada or if you believe you are inadmissible to enter Canada, we are here to help. CONTACT US